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Vilela Coffee

Strong, fresh and with love are the words that describe Vilela Coffee. Prepare your palate to taste a coffee that is in a new level, knock yourself and taste this natural and premium coffee, savor it and become one of ours.

Café de Vilela

The Vilela Coffee

The magic begins in the majestic Colombian mountains where the ancestral lands converge, bathed by pure water and under the shelter of skies of hope and Colombian flavor.

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Café Vilela

Vilela Foods has 100% Colombian Arabica coffee from the best coffee growing areas in the country, such as the department of Cauca and Tolima. Quality standards, good cultural practices of sowing, care, harvest and benefit as well as established preparations that as a rule guarantee our customers the best quality coffee.

Vilela Foods sells unique organic and non-organic special coffees, chosen under the strictest standardization and with the greatest care. We offer the world green coffee, roasted coffee, giving the possibility to our customers to customize roasting to the required degree and packing the coffee in the presentation that requires it. Likewise, we have developed a line of instant organic coffee, made with selected almonds without defects to guarantee the best cup.

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When you choose Vilela Foods are not only choosing excellence and quality you also choose to support fair trade with the coffee grower. We invite you to know a little more about our coffee.

  • Vilela Foods promotes and supports agriculture in Colombia and gives special value to sustainable production and fair trade, paying directly to producers, allowing improvements their living conditions and guarantees a high quality of coffee in all stages of production, from planting to final drink. We invite you to know a little more about our coffee:

  • We support fair trade and market directly with coffee growers in each region.
  • We have an organic line because, due to ancestral customs, we do not use agrochemicals in coffee crops.
  • We also have a gourmet line for those exquisite and experienced palates.
  • We have certification from an internationally qualified company such as BioLatina. The score of our coffee in the SCAA is from 82 points.
  • The artisan techniques of our producers include arabic washing which gives an excellent aroma, acidity and softness.
  • We guarantee that the cultivation method of our coffee growers is "diversified" that is to say that the coffee tree is always accompanied by a lot of types of vegetables such as: Banana, guayabo, poma rosos etc. Being accompanied by these trees affects the high quality of the coffee obtaining a better flavor and the shade it requires.
  • Our coffee comes from the perfect height to get the best coffee.
Foto de una tacita de café

Our Coffee

Interested in our coffee? Choose the one you like the most

Organic Coffee Planadas – Tolima

  • Área de cultivo: Tolima, approximately 60 coffee farms have adhered to our plan of organic cultivation, close to the 268 hectares of cultivation.
  • Fragancia/Aroma: Notes of jasmine, orange, brown sugar and chocolate.
  • Sabor: Panela and coffee flower.
  • Cuerpo: Creamy, residual and prolonged.

Café Blend – Cauca

  • Área de cultivo: Meseta de Popayán, El Tambo, Timbío y el oriente del Cauca. Cultivado por pequeñas comunidades campesinas cuyo tamaño promedio es de 1.5 a 2 hectáreas.
  • Fragancia/Aroma: Chocolate, cítrico.
  • Sabor: Dulce cítrico chocolatado.
  • Acidez: Acidez media alta jugosa.
  • Cuerpo: Llenador, cremoso, balanceado y notas características.
  • Uniformidad: Tasa Uniforme.
  • Balance: Balanceado.
  • Taza: Uniforme y limpia.
  • Dulzor: Dulce apanelada fruta.


You want to know more? Communicate with us, we will be happy to answer all your doubts