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The Vilela Foods's Quinoa

Know more about our Quinoa

Vilela Foods puts at your disposal quinoa, known by different names like canigua, hupa, dahua, candonga, licsa, rice from Peru or Inca wheat throughout the country by our people, our delicious quinoa is a symbol of continuous improvement and support to the Colombian agriculture.

For Vilela Foods is the opportunity to encourage the farmer to change crops that harm both the people and the country for crops that quinoa committing to pay fair prices and support the development of the sector, with transparent and equitable purchasing policies.

We have taken this complete protein pseudocereal and used all the amino acids it contains to create a new ideal and integral form of nutrition. Being quinoa a food with unusual characteristics in the vegetarian and vegan market, Vilela Foods is committed to the marketing of 100% vegetable foods to support anyone looking for a source of healthy protein, with a high percentage of iron and calcium.

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The Vilela's Quinoa

Healthy food, balanced, delicious and indigenous flavor. Dare to live a healthy experience, without remorse and experience the satiety that our quinoa offers.


When you choose Vilela Foods you not only choose excellence and quality but you also choose to support fair trade with the coffee grower. We invite you to know a little more about our quinoa:

  •    Our quinoa is gluten free.
  •    It has a high percentage of proteins.
  • It is naturally free of cholesterol and rich in fiber.
  •    It has detoxifying properties.
  •    It has a low sugar content.
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Our Quinoa

Interested in our quinoa? Choose the product that you like

Quinoa in grain

  • Composición: Quinoa grain.
  • Aditivos: None.
  • Gramaje: 250g, 500g.
  • Textura: Solid.
  • Olor y Sabor: Free of odors produced by contamination.
  • Color: Natural beige.

Baby quinoa compote

  • Composición: Wheat Flour, Quinoa Flour, Rice Flour, Oatmeal, Corn Flour, Refined Sugar, Prebiotics (oligosaccharides), Vitamins and Minerals Premix, Probiotics (Bifidobacteria), Tricalcium Phosphate, Alpha Amylase, Neutrase.
  • Aditivos: Vanilla Artificial Flavor.
  • Gramaje: 200 g.
  • Textura: Solid Powder.
  • Olor y Sabor: Characteristic to Vanilla.
  • Color: White to Ivory.

Soy milk + vanilla quinoa

  • Composición: Powdered Soy Milk, Quinoa Flour, Sucrose.
  • Aditivos: Artificial Flavor Vanilla powder.
  • Gramaje: 250g.
  • Textura: Solid Powder.
  • Olor y Sabor: Characteristic vanilla.
  • Color: Natural beige.

Quinoa flour

  • Composición: Quinoa flour.
  • Aditivos: None.
  • Textura: Powder.
  • Olor y Sabor: Own aroma of quinoa and characteristic flavor of quinoa.
  • Color: White, slightly yellowish or ivory.

Cuca cookie

  • Composición: Fortified wheat flour, Organic brown sugar, Vegetable margarine, Quinoa flour, Flaked oats, Flaked quinoa, Chia seeds, Sodium bicarbonate (chemical leavening), Yeast (as leavening agent), Cinnamon flavor, Cinnamon powdered.
  • Gramaje: 30g.

Gluten free Cookies

  • Composición: Vegetable Margarine, Modified Cassava Starch, Corn Starch, Powdered Panela, Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour, Dehydrated Blueberries, Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • Aditivos: Artificial Strawberry Flavor.
  • Gramaje: Units of 12g.
  • Textura: Crisp and soft.
  • Olor y Sabor: Characteristic to the corresponding flavor free of bad smells and flavors.
  • Color: Golden crust.

Spicy donuts

  • Composición: Cassava Starch, Drinking Water, Jalapeño, Vegetable Fat, Yeast, Quinoa Flour, Salt.
  • Aditivos: Yellow Egg.
  • Gramaje: 15g.
  • Textura: Solid.
  • Olor y Sabor: Characteristic to jalapeño.
  • Color: Yellow.


  • Composición: Sémola de Trigo, Harina de Quinua, Agua.
  • Aditivos: Colorante Amarillo Huevo.
  • Gramaje: 250g.
  • Textura: Sólida.
  • Olor y Sabor: Característico.
  • Color: Amarillo Claro.


You want to know more? Communicate with us, we will be happy to answer all your doubts